Yuri A. Rakhmanin, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences

MD, Ph.D DSci., professor, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, Chief Scientific Counselloк ща the Centre for Strategic Planning and Management of Biomedical Health Risks of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, the Vice-president of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Academician of the Russian Academy of Water Management Sciences, the Russian Ecological Academy, the Russian Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences, the International Academy of Sciences, the International Academy of Informatization, International Academy of Sciences on Nature and Society, the International Academy of Authors of Scientific Discoveries and Inventions, the International Slavic Academy of Sciences, Education, Arts and Culture, President of the International Association “Water-Health-Environment”, the Honorary President of the Eurasian Water Center (Astana, Kazakhstan).

He defended In 1966 he defended his candidate thesis on “Isomers naphthol in the problem of sanitary protection of water bodies, their comparative hygienic sanitary-toxicological assessment”. In 1980 he defended his doctoral thesis on “Hygienic bases of distilled desalination for potable water supply.”

The main research are devoted theoretical and practical aspects of human ecology and environmental hygiene, water hygiene and its role in shaping the health of the population, where he gained recognition at the international level, including as an expert of the World Health Organization. The results of his research are expressed priority in character.

Academician Yury A. Rakhmanin is a founder of a new scientific direction of hygiene of an artificially produced desalinated drinking waters. A number of studies was devoted to the water supply for spacecraft and crews of the Navy, the methodology of hygienic regulation and biomedical research in the field of human ecology and environmental hygiene, as well as the methodological basis of risk assessment of the impact of environmental factors on population health.

Academician Yury A. Rakhmanin has made a significant contribution to the development of scientific bases for: modern criteria, indices and standards for drinking water quality; artificial groundwater recharge; improvement the barrier function of water treatment facilities and devices, creating multi-functional air-conditioning technology in water quality, the methodology of the study of the influence of the quality of drinking water, its chemical the composition, including macro- and microelements, on the state of the population health. He is a head of the research work on the study of consistent patterns of disinfection, purification and conditioning of drinking water quality under using energy-water treatment technologies.

This research resulted in 3 scientific discoveries and the book "Water is a cosmic phenomenon" published in 2002, which became the theoretical Foundation for a new promising direction of "water Biophysics" both in our country and abroad.

Author of 8 scientific discoveries, 26 monographs, 8 reference books, 18 books, 6 textbooks for medical schools, more than 30 patents and inventions, more than 70 documents of sanitary legislation, more than 900 scientific papers.

Scientific school — 18 doctors and 30 candidates of science. Member of expert Council of Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Scientific and Dissertation councils of the Centre, acting Editor-in-Chief of the Journal "Hygiene and Sanitation", a member of the Editorial Board of the journals: "Ecological Herald Russia", "Emergency Medicine", "Vestnik RAEN", "Vestnik of Saint Petersburg State Academy", "Human Ecology", "Siberia-East", international journals "Chemistry and technology of water", "Biosphere", "Environment and Health", member of the Association "Eurasian economic club of scientists".

Awards: the USSR state Committee for science and technology Award (1976), the USSR Council of Ministers Award (1988), the Chizhevsky prize (1998) and the Riazanov Prize (1999), and the gratitude of the President of the Russian Federation (2003). Awarded medals: Veteran of labor (1987), "300 years of Russian Fleet" (1996), "In memory of the 850 anniversary of Moscow" (1997), "For merits before domestic public health services" (2002), four gold and one silver medal and three medals "Laureate of All-Russian Exibition Center" (1994, 1997 and 2002), P. L. Kapitsa (1996), and I. P. Pavlov (1998) RANS silver medals, Vernadsky Star of the first degree of the International InterAcademy Union (1999), Honorary sign "For the benefit of the Fatherland" (2003), Order of Peter the Great 1st degree (№766) of the National Committee of the Russian Federation of social awards, "For merits and personal contribution to the development of domestic medicine and health" (2007), Pavlov Honour Pin in Silver, The International Council for Scientific Development, The International Academy of Science (2007) International prize in medicine, industry of health and environment conservation "Profession-Life" with the badge and Certificate "Public Recognition" (2007), the Honorary badge "Scientist of the year — 2012".

Рахманин Ю.А. является рецензентом журналов «Экологический вестник России», «Медицина катастроф», «Вестник РАЕН», «Вестник Санкт-Петербургской госмедакадемии», «Экология человека», «Сибирь-Восток», международных журналов «Химия и технология воды», «Биосфера», «Environment and Health».

Rakhmanin Yu. a. is the reviewer of the journals "Russia Ecological Bulletin", "Emergency Medicine", "Bulletin of RANS", "Bulletin of Saint Petersburg State Medical Acadey", "Human Ecology", "Siberia-East", international journals: "Chemistry and technology of water", "Biosphere", "Environment and Health".

Main scientific publications:

  1. WHO guidelines "Guidelines on Health Aspects of Water Desalination. - Geneva, - ETS 80.4. -60 p. (co-author.: academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences G. I. Sidorenko).

Fundamentals of risk assessment for public health when exposed to chemicals that pollute the environment. (under the editorship of Yu.A. Rakhmanin and G.G. Onishchenko). M.: — 2002. — 408 p (coauthors: G.G. Onishchenko, S.M. Novikov, S.L. Avaliani, K.A. Bushueva).

  1. Water is a cosmic phenomenon. (ed. by Yu.A. Rakhmanin, V.K. Kondratov) Moscow: RAEN. - 2004. - 427 p. (co-authors: V.K. Kondratov, R.I. Mikhailova, L.F. Kiryanova, A.A. Stekhin, G.V. Yakovleva).
  2. Water is the structural basis of adaptation. - Moscow-Smolensk: -2004. -179 p. (co-author: N.F. Farashchuk).
  3. Chemical and physical factors of the urbanized environment. - Orenburg. - " IPC "Southern Ural". -2004. -432 p. (co-authors: V.M. Boev, V.N. Averyanov, V.N. Dunaev).
  4. UN Strategy for sustainable development in the context of globalization. (ed. By N. F. Izmerov). - Moscow: RAEN. - 2005. -248 p.(co-author: O.D. Doronina, O.L. Kuznetsov).
  5. Military ecology. Textbook for higher educational institutions of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation (edited by V.I. Isako. - 2005. - 976 p. (co-authors: N.V. Rusakov, Yu.D. Gubernsky, Z.I. Zholdakova, G.N. Krasovsky, etc.).
  6. Non-Invasive methods in assessing the health of the population (ed. by Yu.A. Rakhmanin). - M. -2006. - 274 p. (coauthor: Yu.A. Revazova).
  7. Complex action of substances, hygienic assessment and justification of regional standards. - M.-2006. -243 p. (coauthor: Z. I. Zholdakova, O. O. Sinitsyna).
  8. Community Hygiene. Textbook edited by E.I. Goncharuk. — Kiev: "Zdorov'ya". - 2006. - 726 p. (coauthors: G.N. Krasovskii, Yu.D. Gubernskiy, M.A. Pinigin).
  9. Multi-Organ micronuclear test in ecological and hygienic research (ed. by Yu. A. Rakhmanin and L.P. Sycheva). - M.-2007. - 312 p. (co-authors: L.P. Sycheva, V. S. Zhurkov, N. N. Belyaeva, F. I. Ingel, etc.).
  10. Hygienic standards for chemicals in the environment. (ed.: Yu.A. Rakhmanin, V.V. Semenova, A.V. Moskvina). - SPb. - "Professional".- 2007. - 766 p. (co-authors: LA. Alikbaeva, Yu.D. Gubernsky, V.A. Dotsenko, et al.).
  11. Ecology and hygiene of the residential environment. Manual for employees of Rospotrebnadzor. - M.-GEOTAR-Media. - 2008. - 204 p. (coauthors: Yu.D. Gubernskiy, S.I. Ivanov).
  12. Extrapolation of Toxicological data from animals to humans. - M.: "Medicine". - 2009. - 208 p. (coauthors: G.N. Krasovsky, N.A. Egorova).
  13. Benchmarking the quality of drinking water. Saint Petersburg: Novy Zhurnal, 2010, 463 p. (coauthors: G.G. Onishchenko, F.V. Karmazinov, V.A. Grachev, E.D. Nefedova).
  14. System benchmarking of Sewerage, integrated assessment and ensuring the safety of water sources. PP (b).- 2011. - Vol. 1. - 527 p. - 2012. - Vol. 2. - 463 p. (coauthors: G.G. Onishchenko, F.I. Karmazinov, V.V. Kirillov, V.A. Grachev, O.O. Sinitsyna, etc.)
  15. Ecological aspects of hyperreactivity of the organism to environmental factors. Moscow, 2012, 188 p. (coauthor V.N. Fedoseyev)
  16. Physical and chemical research and methods of substance control in environmental hygiene. Saint Petersburg. "Professional". - 2012. - 716 p.

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